Switzerland Tour Packages

Switzerland rests right in the heart of Europe and as such, is influenced by all kinds of food, languages, architecture and people. It is also home to three separate sections —French, German and Italian — providing travelers a glimpse into multiple different cultures. As a peaceful and notoriously neutral nation, Switzerland enjoys a reputation for being one of the safest countries in Europe and in the world, making it a preferred holiday destination for all types of travelers; be it family with kids, honeymooners, friends or solo travelers. Whether it’s losing yourself in the scenery, be it lakeside, on top of the mountains or simply immersing yourself in culture, traditions and culinary experiences, there is a lot to see and do at the heart of Europe.

The country covers only 0.4% of Europe’s land and boasts an astounding 7000 lakes, making up 6% of the continent’s fresh water reserves. These serene lakes with pure crystal clear water and grandiose Alps in the background are absolutely spectacular. Despite its small size, Switzerland offers such an extensive range of scenery that it delights travelers year-round. One doesn't have to travel far to see its striking forests, castles, cathedrals, lakes, glaciers, valleys, meadows and snow-capped mountains. Three-fifth of the country is covered by the Alps and here one can also find the Jura Mountains, Swiss Plateau and the southeastern mountains. Whether or not, you’re planning a trip to Switzerland alone or combining it with France or Germany for a longer trip, make sure to spend at least a week to explore the Swiss attractions.

The home of the perfect Alpine ranges is heaven for honeymooners from all over the globe. Switzerland has been the quintessential romantic destination for a very long time now, especially for Indian travelers since the DDLJ movie age. Remember the scene where Raj and Simran miss their train? Yes, this famous scene was shot at the tiny train station of Zweisimmen near Gstaad in Switzerland. If you can watch DDLJ a zillion times, then why not travel to this gorgeous destination and relive the film's most iconic moments, as we take you through some of its picture-postcard locations as part of our Switzerland holiday package. Our Switzerland honeymoon packages including the picturesque snow-covered mountains, the huge crystal-clear lakes, and the wild and luscious grasslands in the towns make it a fairyland and ideal spot to begin your new life as a married couple.

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